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'... a picaresque domestic romp... disastrously funny...'

"A mix of the real and the surreal, a combination of fact and fiction and a hint of the American experiencing Switzerland, written in a straightforward and entertaining style."
Swiss News

(Featured on the cover of New Books Mag, Jan/Feb 2005)

"Beneath the surface of a light-hearted comedy, Dinah Lee Küng addresses a wide range of serious questions - how much energy and passion is put into any lasting literary work, how literary friendships are never free from jealousy and what posterity and ideals really mean."

The London Student


One autumn, the serene marriage of a Swiss dermatologist to an English WHO leprosy expert is shattered by three intrusions on his Geneva practice: an American violinist marred by a birthmark; a tattooed Japanese gangster; and the doctor's old rival-in-love, now Manhattan's Botox King. Both dark satire and moving love story, this novel challenges the reader to look beyond the surface of events to see the characters weave the net of their own unmaking.

(Featured on the cover of the summer 2006 issue of The Asian Literary Review)
Ein Besuch von Monsieur Voltaire

Ein Besuch von Monsieur Voltaire

The German translation of A Visit From Voltaire, under an imprint by Random House, Page and Turner, distributed by Goldmann Verlag
Left in the Care Of
Publishers' Weekly, Starred Review: "Küng delivers a touching story enriched by its strong Hong Kong atmosphere."