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After twenty years' reporting from Asia for Business Week, the Economist, Washington Post and International Herald Tribune, Dinah Lee Küng traded in her reporter's notebook for family life in the Geneva area. She has published nine novels.

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An Author Apologizes

April 28, 2013

Some time ago, around the Jurassian epoch, you subscribed to my dinahleekung.com webpage to receive any newsletter I might send. That gesture was incredibly kind of you, as well as optimistic, because not only did I not abuse your email box with spam, I never sent a single newsletter out.

This is just to thank you for your interest and patience. Although I continue to follow the fortunes of detained Chinese writers-in-detention, my PEN advocacy was curtailed in 2010 by a long illness, now happily a thing of the past. (the illness, not the interest!)

In the meantime, I've writing a new historical trilogy with an espionage spin, set in the mid-4th century among the Late Romans of the "Dominate" period.

Because it's such a departure from my social comedies or China thrillers, the series will be published under a pen name.

You, dear newsletter subscriber, will be among the few who know I'm the author. Fair warning, don't you think?

Warmest wishes,
Dinah Lee Küng
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